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UFA Event Calendar
December 2009


  • FREE – UFA Members can train once a month at any UFA training center and be welcomed as a UFA family member.
  • Each UFA training center can travel as a group and train with another UFA center once a month.
  • Each month a training center can visit your UFA center and train with you.
  • Every 60 days a UFA training center will host a training night where all UFA centers will train together to build good comradery with one another.
  • Every 90 days a UFA training center will host a party or dinner where all members can meet, eat, dance, exchange ideas, have fun and build good relationships with other members.
  • There will be a UFA title championship fight each year for all weight divisions.
  • The UFA website will promote a list of all UFA training centers, contact information and a link to their website.
  • UFA news and updates will be posted on the UFA website,  letting members know of upcoming events at all UFA centers.
  • Open meetings will be held periodically for all heads of centers. We will accept suggestions and discuss new ideas to improve the UFA organization.
  • SAVE – Discount shopping is available thru the UFA online store for apparel, promotional products and valuable member only services.
  • Affordable website and graphic design is available to all members, training centers and clubs.
  • Special Discount Photography by an officially licenced NFL photographer for your school or training center.